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Tracking tool analyzes competitors' online strategies in real time

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Kompyte lets businesses analyze their competitors' online strategies and offers real-time feedback and data.

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Comprehensive tracking tools are springing up to offer businesses the ability to analyze all-encompassing data, so they can figure out ways to improve their status quo. We recently saw Humanyze, the smart badge which analyzes employee behavior to help improve company productivity. Now Kompyte is a platform which enables businesses to track the online behavior of their competitors. The service monitors and analyzes competitors’ online strategies and offers real-time feedback and data, helping their clients stay ahead in their field.

Users can select up to 15 competitors and 15 keywords for monitoring. Kompyte will keep track of the websites, advertisements, social profiles, newsletters and more of those businesses, then provide automatic alerts every time they produce a new banner, change prices or launch a new campaign. The platform also uses an automated competitor detection system to spot any new related businesses.


Users can access the data via a comprehensive dashboard which includes full reports on each competitor. Kompyte offer an advanced plan for USD 59 per month — which includes 5 competitors and 5 keywords — or the professional plan for USD 159 per month. How else could businesses use behavior data as a way to gain insight into organizations at large?



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