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Training people with disabilities to become drone pilots

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This initiative enables those with mobility issues and disabilities to learn how to fly modified, first person drones.

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Drones are now so reasonably priced that they are available to most consumers who might want to buy or rent one. Now, HandiDrone is an initiative that enables those with mobility issues and disabilities to experience them too, while potentially setting them up to become drone pilots.

HandiDrone is a collaboration between the digital agency Kindai and LADAPT — the French association for social and professional involvement of people with disabilities. The aim of the program is twofold: to enable participants to experience the tranquility and control of being outside their own bodies through FPV flying, and to expose them to the emerging job of drone pilots, which could be compatible with their disability.

The drones used in the project are adapted from existing models, and as the program expands, LADAPT are encouraging makers to create low budget drone modifications so that the experience can be made available to more people.

How else could those with disabilities be included more pointedly in emerging fields?



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