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Transient shopping comes to Shanghai


Earlier this month, pop-up champions Vacant launched their first pop-up slash guerrilla shopping concept in Shanghai, giving the Chinese a taste of what has dubbed transumerism. The pop-up store consisted of a stretched Mini (the MiniVacant), filled to the brim with limited edition goodies like customer painted trainers and distressed denims. Before taking to the streets, the store on wheels was cheered on by a crowd of about 500 Shanghai trendsetters, with VH1 celebs, champagne, a Mini F1 race and other frivolous yet PR-generating attributes. With consumers still fighting boredom, looking for the next thrill (not to mention one-of-a-kind stuff), pop-up stores still have a lot of mileage left. Now, who’s going to launch the first niche ‘transient-advertising’ agency? And if you do, make sure you partner with Vacant; they’re already working on additional pop-up events in China. Contact: Russ Miller,



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