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Translation company creates gender-neutral language database

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The new service offers an unbias button that swaps gender-specific words for more inclusive options

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Spotted: Not only do many languages default to the masculine, many do not have other options available. Belgium-based ElaN Languages’ Unbias service tries to redress the imbalance. The Unbias analysis of translated texts highlights gendered language and provides alternatives. Significantly, mankind becomes humankind.

Although the overwhelming majority of gendered language is masculine, the database provides gender-neutral replacements for both masculine and feminine words. For example, when using the Unbias service, midwife becomes birth assistant. Representation is crucial in achieving equality, and language is a powerful aspect of that. To which the company says, “Let’s break the bias, together!”

ElaN Languages is providing its Unbias database to other translation services, including iTranslate and Google Translate. Other businesses that use the company include Bosch and Coca Cola.




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