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thermal baths will help create a ‘green Arctic experience’ for tourists | Photo source June Tong

Arctic thermal baths powered by waste from cruise ships

Architecture & Design

The proposal aims to prevent Arctic ice from melting by using the waste from cruise ships to power thermal baths


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Spotted: June Tong, an Architecture student from The Royal College of Art in London, has developed a proposal for an arctic-based thermal bath powered by the waste from cruise ships. The project, “In Murky Waters,” was designed for a small coal-mining town in Longyearbyen, Norway. 

The town, once dependant on coal-powered energy as a main economic driver, now relies on cruise-based tourism. However, cruise ships also take a significant environmental toll, as the waste they expel contributes to the melting of Arctic ice. 

“The current model sees cruise ships bringing unmanageable volumes of waste and tourists to the town, becoming parasitic and destructive to Arctic communities. In Murky Waters presents just one meanwhile scenario that highlights the problematic, escalating situation of arctic cruise tourism.” Tong told Dezeen

The idea is that thermal baths will help create a “green Arctic experience” for tourists. Guests will be able to enjoy thermal baths that are powered by waste from the same cruise ships that transport them. Arctic bathing will allow towns, such as the one in Longyearbyen, to continue benefiting from the income provided by Arctic tourism without the downside of ice melting.




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