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Travel-size products delivered directly to final destination

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Ogomo is an e-commerce site offering a range of travel-size products that can be delivered directly to the traveler’s hotel.

Ever since airport security placed restrictions on the amount of liquids passengers can carry on-board, finding desired products in containers of a security-compliant volume has often been problematic for travelers. However, Ogomo in the US now offer a range of travel-size products that can be delivered straight to a hotel or final travel destination. Launched in October 2011, Ogomo hope to remove the hassle of finding and packing toiletries of the correct size. The online shop stocks medical and first aid products, toiletries, and baby supplies, as well as “All You Need” travel kits. The travel-size quantities are primarily aimed at vacationers or business travelers, but the Ogomo website also suggests that they are suitable for camping trips, office supplies and donations to the homeless or military. Ogomo will ship orders over USD 50 free of charge, and can also help customers pack lighter with the option to deliver directly to their final destination. They also provide an airport security-compliant bag for the return flight. We’ve seen airport parks, social seat finding on shared flights, and now convenient travel sized products, all aiming to make flights a little more stress-free. What else could you do to help make air travel a better experience for everyone? Spotted by: Bret Sanluis



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