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Sympvertising & samples help launch new Maxwell House brand in Dubai

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If warm soup and a heated bus stop are the way to Chicago-area commuters’ hearts, then coffee, cupcakes and fun are probably a good choice for catching the attention of recession-beleaguered office workers. Such, indeed, proved to be the case earlier this year, when Kraft Foods’ Maxwell House launched its new Trio coffee brand in Dubai. Throughout the months of May and June, the brand targeted Dubai office workers with free “Trio Time” office parties, available for the asking thanks to a campaign developed by OgilvyOne Middle East. Once securing their employer’s permission, office workers needed only register online and pick a date for the party at their office. A team of brand reps would then arrive at the appointed time with cupcakes, music, games, balloons, prizes and of course plenty of Trio samples. More than 150 parties were held in offices throughout Dubai during the 5-week campaign, bringing the taste of Trio to more than 3,000 consumers. Additional impressions were made, too, through coverage of the events on Facebook and Twitter. Particularly during tough times, a little sympvertising can go a long way toward showing consumers that your brand cares. Add to that a dose of tryvertising—an increasingly popular strategy in its own right—and you’ll soon be savouring the sweet aroma of success! 😉 (Related: Nationwide tryvertising parties.)



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