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CrowdReviews collates reviews of businesses offering services such as web design, SEO optimization and credit card processing.

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Over 90 percent of buyers refer to online reviews before making a purchase, so it is no surprise that there are hundreds of crowdsourced review websites, from household names such as Yelp and TripAdvisor to niche platforms such as InHerSight, which collates anonymous reviews to flag up sexism in the workplace. Now, CrowdReviews offers a similar function for B2B services and products.

The platform collates reviews and ratings for businesses offering facilities such as web design, SEO optimization and credit card processing. The website has already ranked 600 software products and 200 services. Providers can add their product or service to the database by creating a profile on the website and uploading all the relevant information. CrowdReviews will then confirm all the details and statistics and give the profile verified status. Next, the platform’s algorithm collates all available reviews and creates a ranking based on various factors — including the strength of the reviewers’ reputations and whether negative reviews have been resolved. Potential clients can then browse the ratings by product or service type, before choosing a service and adding their own review afterwards.

It is free for businesses to list their wares on the site, but CrowdReviews charges for the verification process. Could any other reviews be aggregated in this way?



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