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Social trip-planning site targets group travel with friends

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There’s been virtually no end to the list of travel-planning sites emerging in recent years, but one niche we hadn’t yet seen filled is group trips jointly planned by multiple friends. Sure enough, TripHuddle targets just that situation, with a social trip-planning application that aims to make coordinating trips easier and more fun by helping people work together and share their travel information. Users of TripHuddle begin by registering with the site and then creating trips, entering their travel plans and inviting their friends. Trips can always be kept private, but those who are invited can see who is attending and the details of their travel plans. Users can also edit a trip-specific shared calendar and post to a message board to make sharing easier. Each trip created then gets its own profile and features a list of who’s going, a shared calendar for events and a bulletin board for posting thoughts and questions. The result? An easier way to coordinate arrivals, departures and accommodations, the Washington, D.C.-based company says. Free for users, TripHuddle currently seeks advertising partners. One to get involved in? Spotted by: Zachary Love



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