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Triple-security pants are designed to foil pickpockets

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P^Cubed Travel Pants from New York-based Clothing Arts are designed specifically to keep pickpockets at bay.

Safeguarding against pickpockets is a necessity in virtually every part of the world, yet surprisingly little has changed over the years in terms of making it easier. We did see a wallet-concealing bracelet a few years back, but recently we came across an even more comprehensive innovation – namely, pants from New York-based Clothing Arts that are designed specifically to keep pickpockets at bay. Clothing Arts’ Pick-Pocket Proof Pants – or P^Cubed Travel Pants for short – include a choice of up to three levels of security to protect the contents of the wearer’s pockets. Not only are the pants’ pockets cut-resistant, featuring double-thick fabric and durable thread, but they also include zippers, making surreptitious entry extremely difficult. Retractable button closures over those zippers add yet another optional layer of protection, and for the most essential items of all, a secret passport and money pocket within one of the pants’ cargo pockets offers three layers of defense. Smartphone pockets are available on both right and left sides of the pants and another attachable pocket is designed to keep the wearer’s water bottle close at hand. Two P^Cubed lines are available, targeting adventurers and business travelers, respectively, with slightly different fabric blends; both offer wrinkle, rain and stain resistance. Priced at USD 109.95, the Adventure Traveler style is available in green, gray or black, while the USD 99.95 Business Traveler option comes in khaki and brown. Where there’s a need, there’s an opportunity, as every entrepreneur knows. Who will be first to develop pickpocket-proof shirts, jackets and more?
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