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Online personal shopper delivers handpicked clothes for shop-averse men


We’ve seen panties, boxer shorts, and hosiery all delivered to customers using a subscription model. US-based Trunk Club, however, are making their subscription service both more personal and more surprising, by selecting garments to deliver to their subscribers based on their individual tastes. Customers begin by calling up or emailing a Tunk Club “expert” and listing their clothing needs and preferences in style and taste. The expert will then select different garments and outfits for the customer to wear, selected from a range of brands such as SchottNYC, Adriano Goldschmied and Jack Spade, which are then sent to him in a trunk with free shipping. Having tried on the clothes, the customer can then buy the items he would like to keep, and send back those that he dislikes. Again, shipping is free. The expert, meanwhile, will note which items were kept and which were discarded, and will use this information to better inform their decisions when next selecting clothes for that customer. Equally, the customer can call up to discuss their opinions on their recent delivery to help the expert build a stronger idea of their tastes and preferences. The personal care offered by services such as these are a real draw for customers who may not have the time to trawl the high street, and would rather enjoy a sense of luxury by having their own personal shopper. What’s more, Trunk Club are able to introduce their subscribers to brands they may have been previously unfamiliar with. Retailers everywhere, how could you add a touch of personal and luxury care to your service for time-pressed customers? Spotted by: Alice Revel



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