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Try-before-you-buy urban chicken farming

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A few years ago we wrote about UK-based Omlet and its hen-and-coop kits for urban or suburban gardens. Recognizing that a chicken-keeping venture can be daunting for those who have never done it before, however, an Australian contender is now offering a short-term rental option that lets customers try before they buy. Sydney-based Rentachook manufactures and sells a variety of coops, as well as selling the “chooks” (as they’re known down under) and feed to go with them. For those who want to test the chicken-keeping waters before diving in, the company lets customers try out its Eco-Coop package and see how it goes for as much as six weeks (or even longer by arrangement) before they commit to keeping it. Included in the AUD 360 package are a chicken coop and two hens along with feeder, waterer, food and straw. Customers can try it out and see how well keeping chickens fits in with their lifestyle and garden; if they decide to return the package, they get back AUD 260 of the money they paid. For those who decide to keep the set, on the other hand, benefits include fresh, free-range eggs (up to six per chicken per week, the company says) and an environmentally sustainable pet that eats scraps, removes weeds and turns compost. (Rentachook’s coops, incidentally, are also made as sustainably as possible, using Australian grown plantation pine and wheels from old prams.) Delivery and setup ranges from AUD 50 to AUD 80, depending on location. In a world with skyrocketing food costs and growing interest in organic and sustainable methods, there’s plenty of reason for consumers far and wide to produce their own. Make it easier for them—such as by reducing the up-front commitment—and you just may be rewarded with some golden eggs yourself! Spotted by: David Haddock



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