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Tryvertising & flickering flames


Firevault is a hybrid retail setting: part fireplace showroom, part chic cocktail bar and restaurant. Tryvertising is all about brands letting consumers try out their wares in a relevant setting. So, how does a manufacturer of fireplaces go about this? A few years ago, British CVO opened a restaurant in London, where customers can enjoy drinks or dinner by one of the company’s designer fireplaces. CVO’s Firevault is an inviting space that displays the fireplaces far better than an ordinary showroom could. Each table has its own fireplace or firebowl, giving potential buyers plenty of time to get a feel for the product. Not just a retail gimmick, Firevault is stylish and hot enough for Time Out magazine to have described the restaurant as one of London’s ten best-kept secrets. For more smart examples of tryvertising, check out’s briefing.



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