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Tumpang goes global


Back in April, we covered an example of consumers using their collective power to get what they want (aka crowd clout). Tumpang, pronounced ‘toom’ as in ‘boom’ and ‘pung’ as in ‘rung’, enables group purchases by letting consumers pool their influence to demand bulk discounts, saving a total of USD 26,855 to date. Malaysian Tumpang now wants to become the world’s premier online bulk discount portal, and is launching its global site today. Like eBay, Tumpang facilitates peer-to-peer buying and selling, allowing anyone to collect interest for an item, place a bulk order with a manufacturer and resell to peers. Unlike eBay, buyers don’t compete with each other for a sale. Instead, they team up to grab a good bargain. As we mentioned before, helping (part-time) wholesalers secure buyers before ordering merchandise creates a low-risk form of alternative retail. One to watch as it expands!



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