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Turn-by-turn navigation system needs no internet or GPS

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MapOS is a turn-by-turn navigation technology that doesn't use GPS, wifi or internet signal.

There is a wealth of personal navigation services available in the marketplace today, but most require GPS or internet connectivity. Not so with MapOS, which bills itself as “the world’s first and only patent pending turn-by-turn navigation technology for any indoor or outdoor building or area without using GPS, wifi or an internet signal.” The creation of New Jersey-based MapEverywhere, MapOs already powers the FastMall retail navigation and shopping app for smartphones. With point-to-point navigation in a wide range of languages, FastMall is already in place at more than 1,250 malls in 31 countries around the world. As of this fall, however, the technology is available to a broad array of other commercial, institutional, recreational and industrial venues as well. Airports, universities, museums, hospitals, trade shows and amusement parks — among others — can now all use MapOS to help their customers and guests find their way around. Users can search by points of interest, locate first aid and emergency exits, and use the software’s “Take Me There” feature to be guided directly to their destination, even choosing whether they wish to avoid stairs. A “Deals on Map” feature, meanwhile, helps them find deals and discounts. Available either on a SaaS (Software as a Service) basis or as an in-house hosted solution, the technology is suitable for use by the visually impaired. MapOS also offers an integrated advertising platform, enabling retailers to display promotions on MapOS-powered apps to drive shoppers and visitors to their stores. The video below demonstrates MapOS for use in a theme park setting: Thanks to GPS and the internet, consumers are increasingly accustomed to using navigational technology in virtually every aspect of their daily lives. Why not offer an in-house solution of your own, complete with all the associated advertising possibilities? Spotted by: Zachary Love



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