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Bumper stickers recruit Twitter followers in traffic

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If a Twitter user tweets, but no one is following them, do they really tweet at all? Aiming to make such philosophical gymnastics less necessary, Tweet My Bumper helps Twitterers recruit new followers by targeting one of life’s few remaining captive audiences: drivers in traffic. Twitterers seeking followers need only visit Tweet My Bumper, enter their Twitter user name along with the usual other basic information, and Tweet My Bumper will print and ship them a bumper sticker that shows their Twitter name along with the tag line, “Follow me in traffic. Follow me on Twitter.” A standard bumper sticker—which also shows the Tweet My Bumper URL—is priced at USD 5; without the promotional URL it costs USD 6. Offroad, Twitter users already have StickyTwits; now, courtesy of‘s Blake Killian, Tweet My Bumper makes the most of onroad audiences as well. It’s all part of the OFF=ON melding of the offline and online worlds. What can *your* brand do to include, support and further the efforts of the Twittering masses? 😉 (Related: Food blogger turned intermediary and purveyor.)



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