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Pizza Hut intern to focus on Twitter

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With all the uses organizations are finding for Twitter—whether it’s keeping political constituents up-to-date or alerting customers to fresh bread—there’s no doubt the platform is becoming increasingly prominent in the corporate world. Little surprise, then, that Pizza Hut has created an internship position to focus specifically on Twitter and other social media. Pizza Hut’s new “twinternship” is a full-time, 10- to 12-week paid assignment to work with the PR team at the company’s Dallas headquarters this summer. The intern will focus on new and emerging social media, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and others, and will be given “unprecedented access” to marketing meetings, brainstorming sessions, ad shoots and special events, the company says. He or she will be expected to collect and share the insights and experiences that result, as well as any pop culture news or notable stories they come across in the social media. Creating and posting videos, conducting media outreach and assisting with national PR programs will also be part of the job, as will managing the company’s new Twitter page and watching for mentions of the company in the social media. Candidates are expected to be a junior or senior in college, with fluency in social media. The deadline for application is May 3rd, and the job will begin June 1st. Besides focusing Pizza Hut’s digital strategy, the twinternship position is intended to help the company connect with college students, one of its key demographics, senior PR manager Chris Fuller told PR Week. It’s also apparently a sort of trial run to help Pizza Hut determine if the job warrants a full-time position. And although Pizza Hut’s internship was reportedly already in the works before the Domino’s YouTube disaster hit, that prank underscores the need for corporate vigilance, if nothing else. How long before every company has a dedicated twintern, tweetmaster or social-media maven…? Spotted by: Raymond Kollau



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