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Created by two Slovakian app developers, Cleanbox aggregates all of a user’s subscriptions so they can quickly be unsubscribed from and archived.

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Cleanbox brings all of a user’s email newsletter subscriptions into a single place. With one click, a user can unsubscribe, and with a second click, all email from that sender can be archived. Nothing is lost or deleted by Cleanbox, so if someone suddenly needs to refer to an archived email, it will still be available.

The founders of Cleanbox, two app developers from Slovakia, want to make email more efficient and less time consuming. By collating newsletter subscriptions into a single list, users no longer have to spend time scrolling through the fine print to find out how to unsubscribe from unwanted emails. The app runs on each individual’s computer and does not use third party servers.

Making sense of the deluge of online information continues to be an essential area of development. A digital librarian that organizes online bookmarks and a phone call app that lets someone’s contacts know when the user has a few spare minutes to talk are two recent examples of organizational innovation. What other areas of repetitive administrative tasks could do with being simplified?



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