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Two innovations help Pokemon Go players catch ‘em all

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PokeFit and HighBeam shoes both build on Pokemon Go’s success.

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It’s impossible not to have heard about the latest craze in gaming, Pokemon Go. Though initial excitement has worn off, the game is still big enough that it has started generating its own ecosystem. We’ve written about this idea which harnesses the power of players to use them as dog walkers. Now, two more startups are jumping on the coattails of the game’s success to launch their ideas.

German startup, PokeFit, allows players to track the health benefits they’re receiving by playing the game. The app gives users a breakdown detailing exactly how they spent each session. From P3 communications, the innovation offers users a dashboard overlaid on their game screen to track play time, distance traveled, steps walked and energy burned.

Alongside this, High Beam Shoes has developed wearable technology that helps Pokemon Go gamers catch ‘em all. The shoes light up and play music when a Pokemon is close. Players pair their trainers with the “Pokemon Go” mobile app, leave their phone in their pocket, and the shoes light up to signal they are close to a Pokemon.

Are there still more innovations to come that build on the success of this game?



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