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Stencils & sketch pads for mobile and web design


The virtual ink was barely dry on our story about UX stickynotes when we came across UI Stencils, a like-minded and complementary offering. Also targeting designers of web pages and mobile apps, Seattle-based UI Stencils sells stencils, sketch pads and accessories aimed at making the design process easier. Where UX stickynotes creates pads of self-adhesive paper pre-printed with browser and iPhone templates, UI Stencils offers several similar products. In its stencil line, for instance, are kits for Android, Windows Phone and iPhone handsets as well as iPads and websites, allowing apps and web pages to be mocked up with ease. Stencil pricing is USD 24.95. UI Stencils’ USD 12.95 sketch pads, meanwhile, feature grids compatible with its stencil kits, and a USD 7.95 sticky pad option is also available for those working on the iPhone platform. Finally, UI Stencils’ accessories include an iPad dry-erase board and other miscellaneous items. With new websites and mobile apps launching every day, it’s no great surprise to see a market springing up to serve those who create them. How can your brand make life easier for today’s legions of mobile and web designers? (Related: Rental cellphones let developers test their mobile appsWhite label platform helps anyone build (and monetize) a gaming site.) Spotted by: Katherine Noyes



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