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UK company makes sensors that could ease parking congestion


Thin sensors could change the way people park in cities

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Spotted: UK-based Nwave’s smart sensors use the Internet of Things (IoT) to improve parking efficiency. The sensors (roughly the size of a 1p coin) are installed on parking spaces. Because they communicate across a variety of existing apps and programs, drivers can use their smartphones to find parking spots. Nwave says it has installed 2,000 sensors in two years. The sensors are currently being used in cities including London, Coventry and Reading.

The information from the sensor goes to a server, where it is collected in real-time and can provide insights into driver behaviour. According to the company, the sensors are 10 times more accurate than other parking sensors, due to the fact that three different sensors and complex algorithms are used to calculate accurate vehicle data. The sensors have a high battery life of up to a decade, making maintenance easier.




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