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Under-paving panels can store energy 'invisibly'

Eco & Sustainability

The ThermaPAVER product consists of thermo hydronic panels located under ordinary paving slabs, which use the sun's energy to heat water.

The Solaroad concept in the Netherlands has already offered an idea of how energy can be collected by underground cells, and now the US firm ThermaHEXX is aiming to put another twist on the idea with its ThermaPAVER product, which consists of thermo hydronic panels located under ordinary paving slabs. The panels are heat exchangers, which efficiently collect and store energy from the atmosphere during hot weather and converts it into water. This can then be used to heat pools or domestic water, and can also be stored while cooling paving slabs at the same time. The company recommends that homeowners place them under driveways and patios, although their potential for public use is also evident. While there are increasingly many options for installing solar cells on roofs, the idea behind the ThermaPAVER system is that property owners and public authorities can fit the panels invisibly into their landscape design, as they can operate without having to be positioned in direct sunlight. The panels are 23.5 inches x 23.5 inches in size and are connected in series to enable transfer of collected energy to a single source or to ensure even distribution. The ThermaPAVER system provides a route away from non-renewable resource use without the associated aesthetic disadvantages, while the company suggests that users can get a return on their investment within three years. One to get in on early? Spotted by: Raymond Neo



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