We aim to be true partners, as opposed to just investors, with the companies we become involved in. We will therefore look to assist where needed in order to ensure the accelerated growth of our investee companies.

We see our value add in the following:

HR – We have access to over 150,000 growth business-focused people around the globe.

Commercial Partners – The Springwise network includes a global network of more than 30,000 companies, including all Fortune 500 companies. We will assist contact with these strategic players for areas ranging from distribution agreement to an eventual partial exit.

International Growth – Our focus is on companies with products and services that can be truly globalized. Through our network we will assist with the identification of the the best expansion markets, as well as the execution of the actual set-up process.

Media Exposure – We have developed relationships with countless newspapers, TV stations and online media outlets. We are therefore able to assist with increasing the profile of our investee companies worldwide through substantial media exposure.

Follow-on Investment – We have extensive relationships with both financial and strategic investors worldwide. We can assist with follow-on rounds of financing where required, including funding for international growth.

Strategic Advice – Springwise Investments is backed by Springwise and its extensive global network. Each investment has different requirements, and hence when sector-specific experience is required, other members of the Springwise network will participate in the investment and offer advice during the incubation of investee companies.