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University acceptance packs are replaced by ‘Snaps’

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The University of Wisconsin Green Bay has begun letting prospective students know they have been accepted using Snapchat.

Snapchat has over 150 million daily active users. Millennials (those currently aged 16-35) make up its largest demographic, totaling 70% of its entire user base. The app evidently has its fanbase hooked, revealing that on average its users spend 25-30 minutes a day on its platform. Because of its user demographic, Snapchat is the chosen platform for initiatives looking to engage young audiences. In February, we wrote about NextGenVest, an app dispensing financial advice to students via Snapchat. Now, the University of Wisconsin Green Bay (UWGB) is letting potential students know they’ve been accepted using the app.


Traditionally received through the post, students accepted into the university will get a special snap sent to their account, featuring the mascot “Phlash the Phoenix” surrounded by balloons, emojis and the words, “Congrats! You’ve been accepted to UWGB!” Unlucky applicants will continue to receive rejections through the post. The university is implementing a new social media strategy to better engage with incoming cohorts. The university’s Social Media Specialist, Jena Richter Landers explains the initiative: “Students love Snapchat. The age group that we’re looking to really connect with are on Snapchat all of the time.”

Will we see more institutions and brands operating through Snapchat in an effort to stay relevant to younger audiences?




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