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University launches full-tech wine consumer laboratory

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The first augmented, virtual and sensory reality consumer lab is about to open in Canada.

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Brock University in Ontario is about to open the world’s first augmented, virtual and sensory reality consumer laboratory. The USD 1 million laboratory was made possible after securing a significant government grant, and is due to open on the university campus in April 2018.

The lab is part of a USD 2.4 million project into researching and studying fermentation, wine flavor and also consumer behavior. The researchers hope, this will aid local wine producers to become better known and more competitive worldwide.

“We are pleased that the Ontario government recognizes the important role Brock University’s research plays in helping Ontario’s grape and wine industry be more strategic and successful in a competitive global martketplace,” said Garvan Fearon, the President of Brock University.

Researchers in the new laboratory will be able to recreate a variety of environments where people would normally try and purchase wines. This will enable them to study how sensory factors – such as smells, sights and sounds, for example – can impact on both a consumer’s choice and impression of the wine.

Other ways that technology is being used in the drinks industry include a programmable cocktail glass that allows the user to alter the flavor of almost any drink, and a scanner that can easily measure the drinkability of wine. What other ways could the drinks industry benefit from modern technology?



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