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University launches project to collate millennial views on Brexit

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The crowdsourcing project hopes to inspire the millennial generation to shape the terms and conditions that are yet to be determined as Britain leaves the EU.

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Brexit has been a constant in the UK’s headlines since the referendum in 2016, with discussions around exactly what it means and should mean being continuously debated, because quite simply, no one yet knows what it means for British people. In reaction, the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) has launched a crowdsourcing project inspiring millennials in Britain and the EU to help shape the upcoming Brexit negotiations. The social media-based project hopes to engage 3,000 millennials aged 35 and under. The project is a partnership with the 1989 Generation Initiative, an open policy network that produces innovative policy proposals through a mix of crowdsourcing, events and dialogue between students, researchers and political leaders.

To get involved, people need to set up an account on the Generation Brexit website and react to proposed questions set by the project makers. Participants can then come up with and post ideas to solve the challenges or vote on people’s different ideas. The ideas with the most votes will get turned into policy proposals. Generation Brexit is available in six languages – German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish and Greek – and all eventual policy proposals will be sent to key Brexit negotiators in London and Brussels. The project is powered by Crowdicity, an idea management software solution helping organizations to collaborate across teams.

Mass participation surveys are a wise way to gauge the thoughts of a target market. Such methods have been adopted by the education system to collate student feedback. How could you use campaigns like Generation Brexit to understand your customers better?



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