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Giant-screen social games for crowds at large events


There’s no doubt sports matches and other large events offer advertisers the potential of an engaged, enthusiastic crowd of consumers; how to make the most of that potential, however, is much less clear. Finnish Uplause has developed a series of social games for use on giant stadium screens that aim to entertain and engage participants while conveying positive brand impressions. Uplause games can be shown on-screen during breaks in the action at any game or large event. Shouting, waves and other crowd favorites are included among the games on offer, as are games that challenge the audience to battle for a better score in volume, rhythm and more. One game, for example, requires the audience to clap together at specific times in order to match the rhythm of the song, “We will rock you.” At least as important as the entertainment value, however, is that sponsorship can be inserted in a matter of minutes, Uplause says. The technology’s in-game ad system lets event organizers earn additional revenues by selling product placement to partners and sponsors. The games can also be used to move large crowds of people, such as over to the bar, Uplause says. Operated for event organizers by the Uplause team, the system was already used in Finland’s SM-Liiga Ice Hockey Play-Offs this spring; a YouTube video demonstrates the technology in action. There’s little doubt that content has become far more effective than advertising when it comes to engaging individual consumers, so it only makes sense that the same would be true on a crowd level. Uplause aims to expand internationally with its licensing-based business model, according to a report in ArcticStartup; one to partner with toward that end…? Spotted by: Jan Ameri



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