Urban structures create homes for solitary bees

Urban structures create homes for solitary bees

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Springwise has covered various innovations designed to protect the natural world, such as seed balls and an app to raise awareness of endangered native species. With urban environments growing, it is becoming increasingly difficult to protect species that flourish in rural ones.

Mexican creative agency, MaliArts, has designed a collection of three structures aiming to provide homes for solitary bees in cities. The structures offer shelter, food, and water to create the perfect environment for various species of solitary bees. The project’s name, Refugio, is after the Spanish word for refuge.

Solitary bee species are often more vulnerable than hive bees as they do not have the protection of the group or a queen. They also often do not have stingers. As they do not produce honey or wax, they are also not a popular choice with human beekeepers. Yet in terms of pollination, they are some of the most efficient. One red mason alone can pollinate to the equivalent of 120 worker honeybees. Their efficiency therefore makes them invaluable to eco-diversity and pollination.

The structures are made from combinations of wood, ceramic, and steel to make for an optimised environment to help protect these bees. They hope to implement them in cities to promote improved biodiversity and harmonious living between humans and bees.

Takeaway: Targeted efforts to create space for other species within predominantly human environments is an innovative way to look at conservation. Bridging the gap between urban and rural environments could mean that there is space for all in the future. How else can humans further create more welcoming environments for endangered species in our own living spaces?

Website: www.maliarts.net
Contact: [email protected]

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Spotted by Kirstie Black, written by Springwise.
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