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A beautiful addition to our previous urban farming spottings, Herbi is a fully adjustable hydroponic herb rack that lets urban farmers grow their favourite herbs on their kitchen counter. Up to six plant ‘silos’ can be connected to a central control unit, which has water and nutrient containers and takes care of the plants. Fill the containers, and Herbi operates for a full month without any tending to. Every month, when nutrients or water are running low, Herbi communicates its needs by lighting a light blue LED behind the corresponding icon on the Herbi control unit. Designed by Michael Kritzer for plusminuszero, the Japanese manufacturer of minimalist household goods, Herbi is characterized by simplicity and clean lines. The appliance’s shape and functionality were inspired by old wheat and grain silos that are spread throughout the rural plains of America. Herbi is currently only available through plusminuszero.



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