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Urban adventure game culminates in a secret dining experience

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An element of mystery tends to enhance the fine dining experience, as we’ve already seen in Les Terrasses Bleues and Italian Ferrara’s Street Dinners. Our latest spotting? Along similar lines, Ottawa-based Urban Quest uses clues to lead participants through the city to an initially unnamed restaurant, ultimately culminating in a fine dinner. Adventurous Canadian consumers begin by signing up with Urban Quest and getting their official clue package. Sample clues are available on the company’s site for viewing ahead of time. Participants then follow the clues from one point in the city to another, giving them a scenic tour along the way, until finally they are led to their destination: a restaurant where they can enjoy a delicious dinner. Four different Ottawa quests are currently available, including one family-oriented version and one focused on coffee. Pricing for most is CAD 19.99. Quests can also be customized for corporate events. Urban Quest just launched its first Urban Quest in Toronto, and operations in Kingston are coming soon. One to partner with or emulate in other cities around the world? Spotted by: Murray Orange



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