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Uruguay taps soccer fans for a new, crowdsourced Olympic t-shirt


Uruguay's Ministry of Tourism and Sport is soliciting fan-created images to include on a brand-new Olympic t-shirt.

There are few lengths to which sports fans will not go to help promote their favorite teams, including even coughing up the cash to crowdfund them. Now, Uruguay’s Ministry of Tourism and Sport is tapping fans of its winning soccer team for their creativity instead – specifically, it’s soliciting fan-created images to include on a brand-new Olympic t-shirt. Late last month the Ministry launched a new Facebook application inviting fans to upload photos of blue sky, the color of which plays a central role not just in Uruguay’s flag but also its soccer team’s color and nickname “La Celeste.” Dubbed “Above All, La Celeste,” the app has aready collected more than 100 fan-submitted images, a selection from which will be included on its new t-shirt. That shirt, in turn, will be given to the delegation that represents Uruguay in the London 2012 Olympics; 150 shirts will also be given away to participating fans. Is there any limit to the creative potential of the global brain, particularly where team spirit and national pride are concerned? We don’t think so either. Similar organizations around the globe: one for inspiration! Spotted by: Daniel Carranza



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