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In the US, iPhone app sends real-time offers to shoppers in-store


Brouha is a new automated mobile marketing technology enabling brands to send customers real-time messages as they shop in-store, without capturing their personal data.

Being asked to share personal details, contact and credit card information can often be the barrier that stops customers from opting-in to offers, news and updates from brands. New app Brouha may have found a solution to this, with an anonymous presence-based mobile messaging platform, that allows stores and hotels to send real-time information to a customer’s phone as soon as they enter the premises. To activate the free app, users first need a Brouha card, which they can pick up from participating stores and locate using the Brouha app. Once the user has registered this RFID card to their iPhone, it is then able to receive automated messages from the store regarding exclusive deals, new products, in-store events and other relevant, time-sensitive information which it can send to the user’s phone. Customers benefit from an enhanced shopping experience, with branded mobile content and rewards sent directly to their phone, without having to reveal their name, email address, phone number or credit card data. Businesses benefit from presence on customers’ phones, and the ability to communicate with them on-the-spot in real-time with incentives. If the customer participates in polls and quizzes via the app, businesses can even send them response-based deals. Brouha has been live for just over a month, and according to them they “have on average three times as many active members per store than stores have fans on Facebook”. With statistics like this, a model worth exploring outside the US? Spotted by: Erik Karff



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