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USB device helps office workers with their time management

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Tracking device connects to computers and works as a timer against different tasks that are self-allocated for the working day.

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One of the most common mutterings around an office is “where has the day gone?” While having your head down and working hard, it can be hard to keep on top of your time management on different tasks – enter Tiller. Created by Australia-based independent digital product agency Joan, Tiller is a USB device that sits on a desk as a physical reminder to track time spent on tasks.

The hardware and software work together, so users touch Tiller to immediately see their projects and tasks on the to do list in addition to what they are currently working on. The interface only pops up when you need it, so it doesn’t get lost between windows or hidden in tabs or cause unnecessary interruption. Tapping Tiller instantly starts or stops the timer, and swiping a finger around the circular device moves a scrolling list on the screen of things that need to be done. When double tapped on a specific task, Tiller shows detailed information such as analytic, budget or comments for the certain item.

The top of the device is made from CNC-machine aluminium in four colours, and rotates smoothly on the bearing. The small LED indicator light is a quick point of reference for the user as to whether the device is timing. Tiller works with Windows and Mac, and users are able to sign in and use it from any computer. Joan is currently crowdfunding for Tiller, with the Kickstarter campaign being live until the end of October.

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