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Users learn local speak on Twitter


TDict is a new app that helps users learn a new language by seeing how locals tweet.

Learning a new language is tough, and technology is constantly coming up with ways to help users speed up the process. Springwise has recently written about this startup that uses QR scanning to help linguists learn basic vocabulary. We also looked at this program which breaks down learning, be it a language or maths, into bitesize chunks so it is easier to digest. Now tDict enables language learners to scan Twitter to see how words have been used in tweets.

The app enables users to search any word in any language and it will return thousands of tweets that contain said word, tweeted by native speakers. Users can star the tweets for review at a later date. A wordlist will also be stored so that learners can save every word they have searched in the app.

The program is currently available on Google Play and the App Store. Are there other ways social media can be used to help with learning?



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