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Giant sticky notes feature templates for web & mobile design

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Necessity is the mother of invention, as the old saying goes, and we’d be hard-pressed to find a better example than UX stickynotes. Targeting designers of web pages and mobile apps, the self-adhesive sheets of paper feature pre-printed browser and iPhone templates, making it easy to visualize and explain new interface designs. UX stickynotes were created by Ali Zaman, a user experience (UX) designer at UK design firm Great Fridays. Fed up with drawing or printing templates to sketch on and then struggling to stick them to a wall for meetings, Zaman was inspired to create such templates as sticky notes instead. Available pre-printed for either web or iPhone design, UX stickynotes feature a subtle dot grid that lets users sketch with pixel precision, if they so desire. Priced at GBP 3.99, each package includes 48 large notes of about A5 size. Self-downloadable versions, meanwhile, can be found on the UX stickynotes site for free. Custom designs, sizes and branding are also available. For mobile and web designers, this is clearly a tool to try out. All others: be inspired! Scratch your own itch, and a large, untapped market may show its gratitude. (Related: Rental cellphones let developers test their mobile appsWhite label platform helps anyone build (and monetize) a gaming site.)



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