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Vaping wellness device releases vitamins instead of nicotine


A new vaping device is nicotine free acting as an odourless inhaler filled with vitamins and is completely recyclable.

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Spotted: Vaping has been heavily marketed as a means to quitting cigarettes. However, with vaping devices, users still inhale the addictive nicotine and a lack of lab testing could mean users are also breathing in other harmful byproducts. Now, Sparq is instead offering a wellness-based nicotine-free alternative to vapers.

Sparq has developed Vitamin Air, an odourless vaping device. Instead of a nicotine fix, users can choose between various wellness-based concoctions. Sparq offers three products aimed at boosting particular activities, mindsets or wellbeing. ‘Fuel’, contains amino acids for boosting endurance, ‘Pure’ for anti-ageing ingredients such as blueberry and ‘Melt’, which contains metabolic inducers such as green tea and açaí berry. Sparq has also conducted lab-based research on its products. The tests showed that no harmful byproducts are produced when the vaping solution is heated.

The team developed the device to be more eco-conscious than other vaping products. Vitamin Air is made of a sustainable wooden ‘filter’ and a stainless steel shaft. While it isn’t refillable, Sparq also provides a free recycling program for users. Sparq is currently seeking crowdfunding on Indiegogo.

Sparq’s device is the latest we’ve seen in a trend of using tech or wearables for health and wellbeing. Researchers have developed contact lenses that slowly release drugs through users’ eyes and also a wearable ring for monitoring vitamin D levels.




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