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A marketplace for backyard farmers

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Farmers markets have long been providing individuals with a place to purchase fresh produce, but until now there have been limited opportunities for individuals with gardens and fruit trees to distribute their own (leftover) crops. Portland-based Veggie Trader, which just launched last month, is a kind of online farmers market that connects individual produce sellers, buyers and swappers. The service was started as an effort by foodies on both coasts of the US to help other families eat well, save money and make the most of the environment—all while putting their backyards to work for the benefit of the community. How it works? Registered users post listings describing their excess produce and specify what they’d like to receive in return—food or cash. They can also locate food available nearby, either by entering their zip code or by listing their desired produce in the ‘Wanted’ section, which is organized into categories like vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs, etc. As more consumers take up urban and suburban farming, opportunities will grow for facilitators like Veggie Trader. One to set up for crop traders in your part of the world? (Related: More homegrown vegetables without the sweat.) For many more examples of concepts that help ordinary consumers make money instead of just spending it, check out’s latest briefing: sellsumers. Spotted by: Cecilia Biemann & Emma Crameri



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