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Regular readers of Springwise may remember our recent article on Social Memories, the book which transformed people’s social network activity into a glossy book. Now we’ve come across Velveteen, another project creating unique and personalized books, this time from their customers’ entire life stories. Those wishing to use the Velveteen service begin by calling or emailing the company’s founders, Mia and Natasha. They will then be interviewed via phone or email in order to convey the key details of their life story, which will be used to build the book’s narrative. Photos are submitted via email, or Facebook, which Mia will then use to illustrate the book, while Natasha writes. The stories are then bound by hand by local Seattle-based Kohler Bookbinding and sent out to customers. Among the many innovations we’ve covered capturing the public’s online lives in physical format, it’s interesting to see a similar project aiming to narrate their offline lives. As the desire for hyper-personalized products grows, we expect to see plenty more offerings such as this. Spotted by: Magda Dominik



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