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Vending machine promises hot burritos in 60 seconds


Burritobox is a vending machine that delivers five different types of filled tortillas on demand.

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While organic, fresh, gourmet superfood salads straight from a vending machine are making healthy meals a cinch, let’s face it — sometimes all you want is a burrito. Burritobox is a new vending machine that delivers five different types of filled tortillas on demand.

Currently installed in two locations in Beverly Hills, California, the 24/7 machines feature a touchscreen that enables users to order one of five burrito flavors — including interesting combinations such as chorizo sausage with cage-free eggs and cheese and roasted potato with the same accompaniments. Once a selection has been made, users pay USD 3 plus tax by card. The burritos are kept chilled and the machine uses a customized, steam-based cooking system to deliver the wraps hot in around a minute, with sour cream and guacamole included on the side.

While the quality and taste of the food is up for discussion — reviewers at describe the burritos as “colorless and unappetizing” — the accessibility of a meal previously only available at walk-in restaurants such as Taco Bell and Chipotle could be a pull for customers who find themselves craving in the middle of the night. What other meals could be delivered by automated machines such as this?



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