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Vending machine for reused and recycled products


Swap-o-Matic is a vending machine enabling users to donate and receive items without spending money.

Over the years we’ve seen various initiatives enabling consumers to easily trade goods with each other for free. The latest twist on the exchange concept is Swap-o-Matic, a vending machine that allows users to donate and receive items. Creator Lina Fenequito says the goal of Swap-o-Matic is to promote a shift from unconscious consumption to more sustainable living, and hopes the vending machine will show consumers that reusing and recycling can be as fun buying something new. Users create an account by entering their email address on Swap-o-Matic’s touchscreen and are immediately issued three credits. Once logged in with their email address they have the choice to donate, receive or swap. Donating an unwanted item earns the user one credit, whereas receiving an item will costs one credit. Swap-o-Matic has travelled to various venues in New York, including a design gallery and a café. Details of its current location can be found on the website, which will also soon show the items currently inside the vending machine. The video below explains Swap-o-Matic in more detail:
According to Swap-o-Matic, the US — with only six per cent of the world’s population — consumes 30 per cent of its resources. Inspiration to encourage more responsible consumerism in your area? Spotted by: Minh Nguyen



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