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Vending machines sell Instagram features to promote documentary

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Vending machines sell Instagram-related physical products to promote damning social media documentary

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Spotted: With the growth of technology integrating steadily into our lives, comes various dangers that the average consumer might not be aware of. Innovations have sprung up to illustrate such potential negative aspects, such as this AI anti-cyberbullying campaign, or an interactive experiment illustrating the potential dangers of AI. Yet of all forms of technology, social media has perhaps the deepest interaction with our daily lives. A new social media documentary offers a scathing take on three teenagers’ interaction with their Instagram account. To promote the film, the media agency Conscious Minds has taken an unusual advertising strategy.

Social Animals, the documentary in question, seeks to illustrate the effects of Instagram on users’ lives by looking at three individuals’ relationships with the platform. Conscious Minds has produced two vending machines to promote the release and reflecting its message. They sell satirical social media-themed physical products. The options range from a pack of ‘1,000 likes’ to a ‘Sliding into DMs package’, from the ‘Jet-Setter Pack’ to ‘Hot Legs’. The products’ design seeks to highlight the materiality of Instagram culture, reflecting the message of the film itself. There is a particular focus on how adults use Instagram in the same way as youths, contributing to an immaturity that continues into adulthood.

The machines have sat in various ‘Insta-worthy’ locations across LA and San Francisco. Consumers can also order the products online. All proceeds will go to Reboot & Recover, a non-profit dedicated to building awareness and treatments related to digital addictions and mental health.



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