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An instant storefront for any website or blog


The storefront apps are coming fast and furious. No sooner had we finished our story about Payvment’s tool for adding sales capabilities to Facebook pages than we came across Vendr, which effects the same transformation on web pages of any kind. Not to be confused with VendrTV, Vendr seamlessly adds storefront capabilities to any website or blog with just a few lines of code. It does that by adding a “Store” button; when clicked, it dims the background page and overlays a brightly lit store that provides customers with an engaging and fluid shopping experience. Both physical and digital goods can be sold through Vendr stores, which are integrated with both Paypal and Google Checkout. Multiple photos can reflect the options customers choose, and a central dashboard gives owners a view of all store activities. Inventory management options are available, as are alerts when a particular product runs low. Vendr users can also create coupons for storewide, category or specific product use, with options for expiration dates or other restrictions. The creation of California-based Boxador, Vendr is priced ranging from free for up to five products to USD 29.95 per month or USD 299.50 per year for up to 250 products; additional product packs are also available. Once the domain of large vendors and specialized sites, built-in e-commerce capabilities are now coming to the enterprising masses. Is your brand ready for the new competition…? (Related: Avon takes to Facebook with social sales boutiqueAn online store in 60 seconds.) Spotted by: swissmiss



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