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Please note that VeriSign wrote and sponsored this post Are you trustworthy? Sure—your mom, your kids and your dog may trust you, but what about the people who visit your company’s website? Thanks to technology, transactions can be as easy as a simple click of a mouse. And so can identity theft. When the VeriSign seal is displayed on your website, visitors know VeriSign Authentication Services, now part of Symantec, has confirmed the legitimacy of your web business by identifying you as the owner and that your organization’s site has passed a daily malware scan. Today’s consumers don’t just expect your website to protect them from malware and identity theft, they demand it. This means financial success for your small business depends on its website. By ensuring users complete safety when visiting and ordering on your site, you create a bond of trust throughout the entire customer experience. The perks: Increased traffic to your site and a boost in converting “window shoppers” into loyal customers. In fact, a recent study shows that displaying the VeriSign seal on your site can help increase web sales by an average of 24 percent. And now you can drive even more people to your site with the new VeriSign® Seal-in-Search™, which displays the VeriSign seal next to your link in online search results. It has been shown to increase click-throughs to your site by more than 18 percent. Learn the many ways the VeriSign seal can help your business by visiting


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