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Vibration-based exercise app lets users run through virtual cities

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The Virtual Active iOS app enables users to virtually travel through iconic cities and landscapes around the world while on the treadmill or exercise bike.

Over recent months we’ve seen numerous apps and devices designed to motivate users into physical activity using games and rewards. Now in the US, Virtual Active and BitGym have teamed up to create a free iOS app that enables users to virtually travel through iconic locations around the world while on the treadmill or exercise bike. Users can choose either a basic or guided workout on the app, which will then begin to play video footage of journeys through famous cities and landscapes, shot from a first person point of view. Then, by placing the iOS device on an exercise machine, the app will monitor the speed at which the user is exercising and match the video playback to that pace, using “vibration-based exercise tracking”. If the user wishes to take a break the video will stop until they start moving again. The Virtual Active: BitGym Edition is compatible with treadmills, bikes and ellipticals, with ten videos currently available priced at USD 7.99 each — the app itself is free to download. They plan to add more features and content to the platform soon. BitGym and Virtual Active aim to remove the boredom barrier of exercise by making it entertaining. What other ways could reluctant exercisers be motivated into action? Spotted by: Alan Smith



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