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Video game tool creates savings account for gamers

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A new tool builds savings for gamers as they earn achievements while playing video games.

A California-based startup wants to encourage people to save, and it is targeting the world’s 2.6 billion gamers. Blast is a new app for gamers that tracks gameplay and rewards gamers accordingly. It is a micro-savings account that integrates with video games such as League of Legends and Candy Crush. When a player makes an achievement within a game, they earn money in their Blast account. The tool is intended to enable gamers to become financially independent.

Users collect money in the background as they play games by transferring from their current account to savings account. They can also set up customized advanced triggers. Doing so triggers savings for gameplay actions such as defeating enemies. To earn more savings, gamers can also complete Missions. In these cases, gamers earn money from companies for downloading and playing their games. For example, playing a certain game for five minutes or winning a number of matches in a row. Blast users earn eXperience Points (XP) the more they game while using the app. Each week there is the opportunity to win up to 1000 USD by competing with others on the Leaderboard. Any money saved through the Blast app can be automatically transferred users provide their bank account or PayPal details.

Blast gamifies the way people save money, transforming the savings process into something entertaining. The startup recently raised 5 million USD in funding. In the future, the creators of Blast plan that the tool will work for most games. Here at Springwise, we have previously published innovations which bring gamification to new areas. A Canadian company has gamified blockchain to help people understand the technology better. Another example is a gamified checkout where shoppers can win prizes. What other industries and services can benefit from gamification?



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