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Vine for startup pitches raises 400k through own app

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Founderfox is an app that hosts short, amateur startup pitches, which form an auto-playing feed.

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Those in the startup industry will understand when we say that a large number of pitches follow the same model. A glance at Kickstarter campaigns will tell you as much — uplifting soundtracks set the scene for earnest founders to explain how their products will make the world a better place. Of course, they are modeled this way because it efficiently conveys their ideas to investors. But their uniformity is what makes a new app called Founderfox interesting — the Vine-like iOS app hosts one to two-minute, self-recorded videos from founders around the world, so investors (or anyone) can scroll through a feed of startup pitches.

The app is free to download, and works much like other apps with a social media foundation. A video button records when held down, and users have the option to add a brief description of their startup and select from categories such as “mobile app”, “big data”, “on-demand”, and more. Venture capitalists can also create profiles, so startups can pitch directly to them. The videos are limited to two minutes long, and once published, can be shared easily on other social media platforms. Users can browse a feed of auto-playing pitches on the app, or via the Founderfox website, and contact founders easily.


After two days of launching, Founderfox was contacted by an investor who had watched their pitch via their own app. A quick scroll through the pitches will show that most videos are largely unedited and casual — some were filmed in cars, while others were in bedrooms or garages. Perhaps the app’s easy-to-use interface and social aspect is what garnered attention from investors so early on. Could other apps make startup pitching simpler and quicker?



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