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Virtual interview platform tests talented coders

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HiringPad creates virtual interview rooms where recruiters observe candidates' coding skills in real-time.

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We’ve seen startups offer easier ways for companies to interview potential employees online, such as this video interviewing platform, and now HiringPad is helping recruiters test coding engineers remotely.

Through HiringPad’s platform, recruiters create a custom URL for a virtual interview room, inviting candidates and other panel members to attend when scheduled. HiringPad then automatically sends out reminder emails to all attendees, who click the link to begin the video conference. Potential hires then have their coding skills tested on the spot with real-time coding software. Upon completion, the candidate’s evaluation becomes archived for reference and the link becomes redundant. Recruiters can receive monthly subscriptions free of charge for 10 interviews a month, or pay USD 50 for 30 interviews.

The demand for web-based hiring tools will grow as more and more recruiters (who already conduct interview via Skype) look for potential employees overseas. In an increasingly globalized workforce, what other industries could make use of virtual interviews and tests?



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