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Is virtual reality about to shake up the stock imagery industry?

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VideoBlocks is a subscription-based stock video service that offers 2D and 3D virtual reality and 360 degree videos.

As virtual reality continues to be embraced by more and more industries — from real estate to disaster prevention — the demand for VR footage is going to grow massively. Aiming to capitalize on the this is VideoBlocks, the subscription-based stock video service, which has recently added 2D and 3D virtual reality and 360 degree video to its offerings.

Subscribers to VideoBlocks will now be able to download and use royalty-free VR and 360 degree footage as part of their package. The site currently has four 4K videos available including a one-minute time lapse of Los Angeles highway traffic and a 360 video of a beach and pier. The company also has over 30 videos available via its marketplace, which were created by members of the VideoBlocks community and must be purchased separately.

Membership to VideoBlocks starts from USD 149 per year and allows for unlimited downloads of stock media from the library. We have already seen an advertising platform linking brands with virtual reality developers. How else can startups showcase and provide VR for media and marketing agencies?



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