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Glasses transcribe text for the hearing impaired

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LTCCS clips onto spectacles and uses voice recognition to translate real-time conversation into text.

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Smart wearables have a wealth of potential, and we’ve been seeing more assistive technology being developed, such as an interface that enables paraplegics to use smartphone screens. Wanting to similarly enable those with hearing difficulties, Frants Innovators have designed their own assistive wearable.


Based on smart glasses technology, the LTCCS (Live-Time Close Captioning System) clips on to any spectacle frame. The device uses extremely responsive Siri-esque voice-recognition to accurately translate language in real-time, with the transcript appearing on a small screen in the corner of the user’s vision. Frants Innovators hope that the smart glasses will do away with the need for interpreting, and hard-of-hearing users will find conversations more inclusive — communicating with those who don’t know sign language would also become easier.


Frants Innovators are currently crowdfunding on Indiedgogo, with an aim to launch mid 2016 at a lower price than most hearing aids. What other uses could the combination of smart glasses and voice-recognition deliver?



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