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Your voice, transformed into a work of art


There’s nothing like a lasting representation of one’s life to create a sense of immortality, which is why we’ve seen gravanity services such as You Look Like a Million Dollars and Requiem for You for the very rich, and life-caching offerings such as Sentemental for everyone else. The latest spotting? VoicePrints, which transforms the unique sound of the human voice into a visual work of art. Customers of Toronto-based VoicePrints begin by choosing the color and size of the print they’d like to order. They then upload a recording of the voice or voices they’d like to immortalize. Recordings can be of an individual’s voice or the combined sounds of a couple or group; ideally, the people included should be saying between one and five words. A baby’s first utterances, a couple’s wedding vows, a team cheer or even a cherished pet dog’s bark are examples listed by VoicePrints. Pricing starts at USD 120 for an 8.5-by-11-inch print on canvas; acid-free paper options begin at USD 129. Shipping is free within North America. If consumers are interested in seeing their likeness on everything from miniature dolls to wrapping paper to M&Ms candy, it seems safe to say they’ll value seeing other aspects of themselves immortalized as well. Nonprofits: VoicePrints is currently seeking a charity to partner with. All others: How can your brand tap into this perennial human need…? Spotted by: Susan Johnston



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